Morganite is another relative of Aquamarine and Emerald,  a member of the Beryl family. It is arguably more closely related to Aquamarine in its presentation, with its equally ‘clean’ persuasion, without any visible inclusions, but exhibiting a lovely ‘salmon’ pinky orange colour.

It was named after J.P. Morgan (of the banking and finance fame) by George Kunz, chief Gemologist at Tiffany and Co. for the simple reason that Mr. Morgan was an avid gem collector and their best customer at the time! 

While poor quality, low saturated Morganite is quite common, highly saturated, well cut examples of gem quality material are becoming more and more sought after in the jewellery industry. This is because of the flexibility it offers since it is hard (over 7.5 on Moh’s scale), stunningly beautiful when well cut and also available in various sizes.