Enter the world of luxury where jewellery is customised, not standardised. Live life and OWN your moments in ways that are bold, colourful and joyful! Our bespoke service gives you a channel to express this through the beauty of our rare gemstones, captured in designs that are created with and for you. We hope to help you craft a story of your journey and your hopes for the future through this fun and exciting process!

Every bespoke creation is handcrafted in 18K gold and forged by the hands of a master craftsman who pays attention to the most intricate details. Our discerning network of miners, gem cutters and partners around the world allows us to ethically source the finest gemstones nature has taken millions of years to shape. No two gemstones are alike, and often rarer than diamonds – a MADLY Gem is one worth collecting now and for future generations to come because when it comes to our gemstones, only the world’s finest, top 1% will do.