In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Ruby is called Ratnaraj, ‘king of precious stones’, they’ve been mentioned in the Bible four times, records suggest that they were traded along the Silk Road from 200BC and Chinese noblemen even used to adorn their armour with them for protection! That’s how treasured and revered Rubies have been through time. Gem-quality stones of these types are very, very rare, especially pieces that are untreated. The most desirable hue, Pigeon-blood Ruby, is exceedingly sought after and the prices sometimes surpass even that of the finest Diamonds. However, on many occasions, clients actually prefer brighter hued Rubies to the famed ‘Pigeon-blood’– that’s the beauty of coloured stones, there’s a myriad of options for every client and budget, or whim and fancy.

Ruby, like its blue sibling, Sapphire, is an excellent choice for everyday wear as its hardness is 9 on the Moh’s scale, meaning that they are very difficult to scratch. They can only be scratched by other corundum and Diamond.