Since it’s inception in 2014, MADLY creations have captured the attention and praise of jewellery lovers, mavens and the media from around the world:  enjoying press coverage in the 20th March 2016 issue of the International New York Times, and has been awarded Singapore Tatler 10 Best Jewellers for 3 consecutive years from 2016 to present.

On the international front, MADLY was recognised as a ‘Leader in Luxury’ by UK’s LUX Magazine in the 2018 Luxury Jewellery Awards and most recently named ‘Jeweler of the Year, Singapore’ by the Luxury Travel Guide 2018/2019 Awards.

Senior Jewellery Designer, Anita

Our design philosophy is simple. We believe in finding that one small thing which we can do differently that will make a BIG difference to the overall aesthetics. “A great design isn’t always about doing something radically different. It’s about doing it better, and often it involves a small tweak here and there. A different perspective, that’s all.”

At the core of it all, we believe in producing quality work that will last generations. We hope that our designs spark off conversations and many trips down memory lane, bringing people, moments and hearts together.

Founded by Maddy Barber, Singapore’s most prominent female anchor on breakfast radio – MADLY is about living life in colour joyfully and boldly. “Life is more fun when you can use ALL the crayons in the box!” She has also joked on many occasions that women spend way too much on handbags and shoes when they could be buying rare jewels that will not only increase in value over time but also endure FOREVER.

She does not buy the “semi-precious” label used on stones that are not Diamonds, Sapphire, Rubies or Emeralds because “most of the gemstones we source are 10, 20 times rarer than white diamonds, so if diamonds are considered ‘precious’ what does that make a Tsavorite or a Spinel that is no less beautiful yet so much more elusive?

“There’s something poetic about wearing a rock that has been shaped in the belly of the earth for millions of years to finally find it’s way to you, on your hand, neck or ears.” On the MADLY bespoke experience she says, “jewellery like art is not about perfection. It’s an expression of wonder, awe and beauty – and the latter as we know it is in the eye of the beholder. A concept sketch on paper is simply that, and it takes a team of designers, project managers and craftsmen to bring that vision to life. So, if you can leave space for wonderment and joyful surprises, and a (tiny) leap of faith, then you will find our bespoke journey one of the most fulfilling shopping experiences you can and will have!”


Marketing and PR for Madly Gems

Job Opportunites & Internships

We are constantly looking for passionate designers to grow with us and raise the bar of the jewellery industry in Singapore. For job application and internship, kindly write in via our contact page.