Tourmaline occurs naturally in all colours of the rainbow. It is mined in locations around the world with some locations being famed for particular colours. As  a stone choice for everyday jewellery wear, it is perfect as it is hard, having a rating of over 7 on the Moh’s scale and is also very tough, being generally clean and quite inclusion free.

Pink Tourmaline is more prevalent than blue Tourmaline, and of the range of blues which Tourmaline comes in, indigo Tourmaline, or ‘Indicolite’ is one of the very most stunning and desirable of coloured stones. Some Tourmaline gems may contain two or more distinctive colors and are commonly known as bi-color Tourmalines. Sometimes they show a gradient from blue to white, and other times, they go from pink to white to green, affectionately termed ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’.

The pinnacle of the Tourmaline family is Paraiba Tourmaline, a copper-bearing neon blue-green Tourmaline. Named after its source, Paraiba, Brazil, this Tourmaline is a highly saturated neon turquoise and is so rare that it commands prices comparable to some of the most expensive stones on the market. Paraiba is also the only member of the Tourmaline family in which eye visible inclusions are the norm.