At MADLY we invest in the highest quality gemstones and work with some of the world’s most reputable European master cutters to ensure that your “Madly Gem” is the finest money can buy, because there will always be a market for the best. Size may not matter but quality does, and always will.

We are constantly adding rare new finds to our varied collection and our gemstones do change hands fast! Thus, the best way to view our current, available collection is in person or follow us on instagram and facebook for our latest acquisitions.

Malaia Garnets

A splendid discovery was made in 2016 at the famous Mahenge mines of Tanzania, of Garnets so fine, their myriad colours left the world spellbound… View our collector-grade collection of nature’s finest material found and cut by the industry’s most respected; and award-winning European master cutters.


With possibly one of the finest and most varied collection of Spinels in Singapore, MADLY brings you August’s newest birthstone in an array of colours from Myanmar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka where some of the finest deposits lay. Fine quality Spinels above 3 carats is now incredibly hard to attain and we struggle to keep up with demand for the greys, pastels, reds and pinks!


Tourmaline comes in rainbow colours and deposits can be found around the world from Brazil, Africa to Afghanistan. 99% of Tourmalines in the market are mostly included and the colour is what drives the price. Think, Paraiba tourmalines which easily starts at USD15,000 per carat these days and are generally included.

At MADLY, we pride ourselves in collecting the top 1% of gemstones mined (over many years) and thus, our Tourmalines have maximum sparkle and are as clean as gemstones go. When you purchase a MADLY Gem, you can be sure that you are owning a piece of pure, unadulterated nature of the finest gem material found – which only gets rarer and more precious with time…