At MADLY, we believe that true luxury is customised not standardized. We want our bespoke creations to be unique collaborations between our trained designers and you. Start by contacting us to set up an appointment to discuss your preferences and any ideas you may have for your engagement ring or special custom piece.


Choose from our rainbow collection of exceptional gemstones cut by the industry’s most reputable European master cutters. What is the moment you are trying to create? What story do you wish to tell? With that knowledge and understanding, we will then begin crafting and creating that story and journey through the selection of the gemstone and weave it into our bespoke design.

Our design philosophy is simple. We believe in finding that one small thing which we can do differently that will make a BIG difference to the overall aesthetics. A great design isn’t always about doing something radically different. It’s about doing it better, and often it involves a small tweak here and there. A different perspective, that’s all.

The crafting process usually takes about 4 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. As our bespoke pieces are all handmade by master craftsmen who take extreme pride in their creation, we do not advise rushing this process for fear of compromising the workmanship. So, contact us early and give yourself at least 2 months from conceptualization to taking possession of the final creation. Follow us on instagram and facebook @madlygems for our latest bespoke creations.